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As someone once said, 'the mind is like an umbrella, works only when open!' A bit of pop wisdom or homespun philosophy perhaps? But true in its basic premise nonetheless. Admittedly we are subjected everyday to the incessant media blitz pitching  often outlandish and crackpot ideas, objects or agendas; to counter that one needs a healthy dose of skepticism. But skepticism often leads to prejudice and that's an enemy of the open mind. So we must consider all rational options with an open mind as far as possible.

With that in mind, we hope you'll approach the selection here without any preconception, and may even agree with or benefit from some. 

 Endgame December 21 2012

No hoax no jokes no mere media buzz, for all we know the endgame might have began. The Doomsday 2012 is a real possibility, has been around for centuries ingrained in different religions, cultures and folklores. Just because it appeals to the popular cultural expression - think of the blockbuster movie on 2012 - doesnot make it trivial; in fact many experts are very concerned  about the scenario, invoking serious scientific theories on geo-magnetic poleshift or even pole reversal, black hole annihilation, a phantom planet x - the Nibiru  known since the Babylonian times? - colliding with us or another planet, giant tsunamis, earthquakes - the possibilities are endless and scary.  Knowledge and information would be our only hope or help. There are many offerings in the marketplace, mostly appealing to wild fancies; only a very few that responsibly combine sensationalism with science, myths with mathematiical astronomy.

The  2012 Official Countown is such a rare product, full of real insight and knowledge beyond the ephemera - may well be your ultimate survival kit!

 Quantum Mind Power

Learn the secrets that many people will never know about harnessing their mind power. This does not try to supplant the well established systems like Holosync, but tries to deliver all the results from a fresher perspective and for far less money.The creator of the program is a certified "Brianwave Entrainment Engineer", a specialist well regarded in the field of brainwave research. What does it mean to you or me? In a nutshell, this will help you unlock your subconscious, open the doors to reduced stress, a more positive attitude. enhanced creativity and a real joie de vivre.  So give it an honest try.

With a generous e-course offer and unconditional money-back guarantee,  the  Quantum Mind Power  is highly recommended in the marketplace.

 Astral Projection Underground

Discover the secrets of the Fourth Dimension! Astral projection is an extra-ordinary manifestation  of a higher level of consciousness, known in common parlance as an Out Of Body Experience which is really an approximate popular simplification of a deeper truth. It's a rather esoteric subject, which defies most objective analyses of a belief system dating back to the ancient Greek, Indian and Chinese mystics  and philosophers among others. You'll need an  open mind to truly realise the full benefits of this program.   

Many bonuses and free extras, plus an extensive database of help files make this  Astral Projection a truly irresistible bargain.

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