Life Style

Defined originally as a manner or style of conscious living that reflects the values and attitudes of an individual or a group, lifestyle in common parlance seems to have elevated habits of consumption, dress and recreation to categories in a system of social classification. Wow! Nebulous may be, but that's how it's viewed and used in today's media-oriented cultural environment.

The internet marketplace is no exception, as attested by the examples below.

007 Lifestyle

Or - living like James Bond! The very mention of the name connotes joie de vivre in public imagination, in spite of it's origin in popular fiction. This guide might seem to be a psychological placebo, but it's not a joke. We are quite often serious and eager to spend time, efforts and money on self-help seminars, or sessions with analysts, personal trainers et al,  some of which could arguably be called placeboes. So, what's not to like in the 007 lifestyle guide? It can at least motivate you to live a healthier and more active life, increase self-confidence and optimism; and certainly it can't  do any harm.      

All these, at a fraction of what the others charge, make  Living Like James Bond  an irresistible idea.

 Secrets of Cheap Airfares

Fired Travel Agent reveals how to get dirt cheap airfare tickets! The angry ex-travel pro shows how to get air tickets at ridiculously low costs. A never-before-released record of airline system  breakdowns will be a shocking revelation to many. Explains how to outsmart and exploit the flaws in Priceline's  website. Get Free first class upgrades; enjoy days of free car rentals; plus many more real treats for the serious traveler.

And for the icing on the cake, this unique  Air Travel Industries Guide  also comes with many extras and free bonuses including the amazing Cruise Travel Secrets Manual for a real luxury treat.

Living on a Dime 

Now for a reality check! Not cool at all, this is probably a rude awakening for some. But in today's turbulent atmosphere of  global financial insecurity, many will find this guide useful, informative and even inspiring. It's  a  timely and much-needed primer on how to cope with life's adversity, presented in an easy and modular format. Topics include paying off Debts, Saving Money, Frugal Cooking and Homemaking, Saving with Kids, Medical Bills and Credit Cards.   

It's time to take control, yes you can!, now with the  Guide to Frugal Living  package, and  live again.

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