The designation Business is probably a little vague here, too general in terms of online relevance. Business to business, Online business, or small business ideas are a few seemingly more appropriate alternatives that come to mind. Besides, almost all of the web is arguably a marketplace, for some business or other. But topics like Computers, Personal Finance,Real estates etc cannot be covered under a single category. Yet this apparent vagueness gives us the latitude of a wide range of sub-categories to choose from this admittedly vast field and focus on new niches as they evolve online.

It's a dynamic approach in a dynamic marketplace.

JavaCity Warehouse

This is a highly trusted source of Real Wholesalers on the Internet - very useful for businesses and personal users alike. It's an excellent program for anyone interested in Wholesale Consumer Electronic Suppliers, products, contact information and other lists.

For sheer value, media option and extensive reference ther's nothing to match this  Database  online.

Reservation Master

This is a reservation software package developed for business management in Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses and Inns worldwide.It offers an easy to use yet robust solution for reservation, front desk, history and inventory tracking and reporting.

You can also download a fully-functional version of this   Reservation software for Hotels  for a free 30-day trial; can't be fairer than that!

Wood Pellet Production Guide

A pointer to the serious business of waste reduction and resource utilization, this guide restores the often-neglected potential for wood and other biomass materials in today's eco-conscious perspective. The featured vendors develop and mnufacture small scale mobile biomass pellet mills; there are detailed explanations of the production process and the parameters, as well as valuable step-by-step instructions and help on setting up the system.

Considering the wealth of   the technical data and insight,  this guide to probably the most popular form of  Renewable Green Energy is an incredible bargain too.

  Notable Afterthoughts...

Restaurant Management Toolkit
Forms,Software, Templates, marketing & promotional materials.
Thick Black Theory
Rather intriguing stuff, not for everyone.
Xbox 360 Repair Guide
Instructions with Video guide about fixing the plaything.
Inkjet Refilling Business Manual
The title says it all. For home business enthusiasts.
Uncle Sams Tax Audit Assistant
Survival Manual for Industries and Professions on IRS Target list.

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