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It might seem unusual to have Arts & Culture categorized in the online marketplace, but it's not unprecedented either. In fact there are millions of websites covering the vast number of topics in this category; and they are not all highbrow, or esoteric academia. The task is to distill the very few that can belong to this agora on the net.

 The following is a selection of the most appropriate matches.

FineArtViews - Artist Resources

This is a gem of a site for both the artist and the art-lover, or even a casual visitor. The approach is refreshingly minimalistic - no hypes, no endless scrolling through pages after pages of canned material. Yet the resources are useful, informative and rewarding,  for Art marketing entrepreneur and Art collectors alike.

For sheer value and originality this   FineArtViews  site is highly recommended.

The Thriving Artist

Arts and artifacts marketing course for artists and craftspeople at all levels. Like applied science against "pure" science or mathematical science, the distinction is a matter of perspective. For struggling artists lost in today's marketplace, this affordable course provides all the training and tools for ensuring a financial anchor, and for building up confidence and name recognition. It's like a roadmap for the struggling artists to become 'thriving' artists. The course is a very extensive, thorough and well-researched guide, with lots of free bonuses and useful extras.

Now is the time to find out   How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out.

Culture Briefings

The title says it all. Culture briefings are the Key to understanding the Culture and customs of people - not only in other countries but also in one's own. The in-depth database is accurate, thorough and current. It's invaluable to academics, students, diplomats, news-analysts and also to business architects and travel planners. In addition, the briefings provide interesting reading and a very rewarding browsing experience. Individual modules focus on different geopolitical categories, and can be ordered separately.

There are also free bonuses for immediate orders of these   invaluable publications.

    Other Clickables...

The New Novelist
Get over the writers' block.Release the creative genius in you
500 Scrapbooking Sketches
Discover the secrets of creating really  adorable Scrapbooking Layouts.
Digital Cartoon Painting
Take your drawings to the next level; video guides showing how to render cartoons on to the computer.
The Hypertufa How-To Manual
Detailed instructions on how to make garden Art Objects with Hypertufa.

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