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... The paradigm par excellence of onine commerce needs no introduction or sales pitch.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words' So here's a glimpse  of only a fraction of the  amazing bargains  at Amazon, whether you are looking for holiday gifts ideas or for something you  yourself always wanted. be it for a thinking person or a sensuous one, the quest ends here.

∂ New York Times Best sellers

Not just from the New York Times but also from many other sources, here's a brief compilation of the most important and criticlly acclaimed betsellers now and in recent years for the most discerning readers.

The vast treasure trove of all books are of course a mouse click away from the above.

∂ Netbooks & Notebooks

Now that the idea of a desktop or a conventional laptop is almost passť and even a Notebook  is more than a matter of differences in semantics, a Netbook fills the niche between a notebook and a PDA or a smartphone very nicely, especially in view of the portability and enhanced features lacking in the others.

For more recent enhancements and falling prices for innovative features including solid state hard drives and flash memory, click any of the above items and  get the latest buzz  from the main Amazon website.

∂ Ladies' choice Shoes & Handbags

To cater for the inveterate fashionistas, Amazon created the exclusive sister site Endless.com. A very brief selection appears below, covering both ends of the spectrum of  aesthetics and affordability.


For more details, or just to sate your curiosity, click on the direct links above to get to  the endless site.

  Notable clickables...

* The Beatles - Abbey Road
   Best Sellers Poster Print, 34x23 

* Warcraft 3 (Best seller box)

* Kindle Wireless Reading Device

* Philosophy Jump Start
   best sellers for radiant skin