@gora: a 21st  century marketplace...

...but  unlike the agora of antiquity, today's marketplace on the world wide web is essentially a heady mixture of progress and regresssion, of knowledge and mis-information, of scholarly research and trivial pursuit. It's becoming increasingly difficult to separate hypes from honest reviews, views from news, or buzzwords from speech. To paraphrase John Lennon, here everybody's talking but nobody's  saying a word!

Like it or not online commerce is a fact of life in today's marketplace. But so is the dross that passes for genuine information. A click on a Google or a Bing search box could easily betray a numbing sameness in myriad reviews, pages after cloned pages of superlatives, mind- boggling  statistics, even blatant lies. 

A minimalist solution is probably ideal. So we distill the best selections of online items under different categories, and present a simple abstract - no soundbites or long list of phony testimonials, only brief independent assessments, with links to the original vendors, so the buyer can decide firsthand, without any intermediate distortion.  As the saying goes, let the buyers beware - but only after all the facts are known.

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